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       ShanDong JiangShan Fiber Technology Co.,Ltd. located in known as "the nine Beijing portal of high-speed rail," the reputation of Dezhou,Shandong. The existing staff of 220 people, of which R & D personnel more than 40 people. The company well-equipped, strong technology, grasp the prepreg, weaving, pultrusion, winding process core technology, independent research and development of FRD series resin system, composite products, for the downstream enterprises to provide quality products, is currently the carbon fiber Chinese intermediate material is one of the biggest producers.

       Founded in 2011, its predecessor was "Dezhou Xin Shuo new building materials Co., Ltd." founded in 2003 and "Dezhou Fang Shi composite material Co., Ltd." in 2009.

       In 2013, the Jiangshan branch Dongguan Fangshi Composites Co., Ltd. was established.

       In 2017, the new investment in Shandong Guotan Composites Technology Co., Ltd. was devoted to deeper exploration and development in the field of carbon fiber with the existing foundation as a platform. In May 2017, the company established Dezhou Purple Rose health and nutrition Consulting Co., Ltd., introducing the big health industry, focusing on popularizing the concept of "scientific confinement" to the Dezhou people.

      At present, the company's annual production capacity for prepreg cloth: 10 million flat, pultrusion plate (rod) of 100 thousand square meters, 600 thousand square meters of woven cloth, unidirectional reinforcing building of 2 million square meters of cloth. The two brands, "Xinshuo" and "Fang Shi", which have been built for many years, enjoy a high reputation in the fields of civil construction, sports leisure, wind power automobiles, electronics industry and other fields.

       In the past fifteen years, the company is well received by the industry and the trust of the users with high quality service, high quality products and good faith.



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