Custom Neon Signs for Business

Custom Neon signs for business

Neon signs for business

In 2020, neon signs took the lead in the trends in the world of outdoor and indoor advertising. Neon is warm, bright, beautiful and, despite its growing popularity, not everyone has it yet.

What are neon signs good for?

1. They do not give the impression of intrusive advertising, but look like a design element

You can show your profile products or services in the form of a neon graphic or write in words. Even a simple company logo or neon name will look stylish and unusual.

A neon sign often looks like a piece of art and makes you want to look at it. And keeping the client's gaze is the most important thing in any business.

2. At the same time, neon signs are an excellent advertising medium.

Write on the sign your offer, call to action, your menu or announce a promotion. And you will attract attention, and it will not look like an intrusive advertisement. Because, as we wrote above, neon looks like part of the design. I want to consider it. At the same time, they will find out about the action.

3. Neon is bright lighting of windows or walls.

The custom neon signs are very bright. Even if your glass is lightly tinted, the neon will be noticeable. The main thing is to keep the window clean if you don't want the sign to illuminate the dirt.

A distinctive feature of a neon sign is that the entire window is filled with glow from the sign. It catches the eye well, especially in the evening. A shop or cafe will look like a bright, attractive Christmas tree. What it takes to get customers to notice you.

4. Photo zone

Neon decorates not only shop windows / windows. It looks great in the interior. You can pick up a thematic, recognizable inscription for your institution and get a bunch of photos in social media. networks with your signboard. This is a great advertisement for you! You have decorated your establishment, and you are being advertised for it.

5. Atmosphere

Unlike modern LED signs and energy-saving light bulbs, neon has an amazingly warm and eye-pleasing glow. Place neon signs in a cafe, bar, restaurant - they add comfort. With a sign, you can create a warm or intimate atmosphere.

What are the types of neon signs?

There are several options for custom neon signs, depending on the composition:

Classic or glass neon signs consist of a gas discharge tube filled with an inert gas. Most often it is neon, other inert gases are also used to give the signs a glow of different colors.

We bend the tubes at any, even sharp, angles. This allows you to shape your sign into almost any shape. Very bright, creates a warm glow around it.

For such a neon sign, a substrate (white or transparent) is required.

Classic neon signs do not fade, do not deteriorate, and retain their brightness for many years. These are almost eternal signs.

There is another type of neon sign - flexible or, as it is also called, cold neon. It is an LED strip that sits in a flexible, silicone sheath.

In terms of brightness, it loses a little to classic neon. Does not bend at any angle. Therefore, there are restrictions on the design of flexible custom neon signs. Moreover, it is more durable, moisture resistant and can be used without a backing.

The biggest advantage of flexible neon is its price. It is 20-30% more budgetary than classic neon. Which is sometimes significant.

Summing up, we want to say that a neon sign is not only an element of creative design, but also an excellent, attention-grabbing advertising for your business. And you can use it as an additional factor that will increase the incoming traffic of your establishment. That is, it will attract the attention of all potential customers who walk past you on the street. Be bright, creative, and visible.

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