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When it comes to business in Nashville, you can depend on your neon signs to help you reach out to your prospects and customers. What started off as a small store on Dayton Avenue in Nashville soon became one of the country's biggest and most prominent neon sign companies. Opening in 1977, Joslin & Son Signs has grown into a stellar neon sign company with branches throughout Nashville and the surrounding area. We take care of the whole process for you-allocating, designing, manufacturing and installation.

If you are wondering how did neon signs start out in Nashville, here is a timeline:

"Joslin & Sons" were established by the young Davidson in Nashville in 1947. By the time he was a teenager, he had already demonstrated success in the manufacturing field and his interest in neon lights spread across the United States and internationally. A trip to Hawaii helped him to gain even more knowledge about neon lights and how to use them effectively.

He then moved back to Nashville, where he opened a sign company that operated out of a storefront on Dayton Avenue in the city's historic Downtown Nashville. His vision and dedication to his neon signs won him a spot on the cover of Time Magazine's "People's List," which named him" Publisher of the Year." This marked the beginning of his nationwide tour, in which he was able to successfully increase his share of the market. Following his victory, his sales increased drastically.

With continued success, Davidson decided to open his own neon sign manufacturing factory in Nashville, where he could more fully concentrate on his neon lights and signs. The company still operates to this day. He also opened a neon advertising agency in Nashville, and today, his company works with various agencies around the country. As a result of his pioneering efforts, he became a fixture on the world map of advertising and his name, along with his products, have become synonymous with Nashville.

As you travel around Nashville, you'll notice neon signs everywhere. Apart from their bright colors, they exude a sense of energy that instantly transforms any environment into a warm and welcoming one. As you look at these neon signs, you'll be greeted by an energetic welcome. The friendly welcome is not directed at anyone, but it reflects the establishment's belief in its customers' ability to instantly relax and feel at home when they enter any of its establishments.

Neon signs are not a new fad. They've been used for decades across the country by businessmen as well as consumers. According to researches, neon signs have been in existence since the 1920s. It was then, that neon signs were first used as an economical method to increase business visibility and generate business revenue. By using neon signs, businesses were able to display their advertisements and message to a larger audience and earn more profit.

But back then, neon signs weren't very effective at all. They only worked for short durations and were often covered up after dark. And with the advent of modern technology, improvements were made to neon signs. Today, they are more durable and can be read even in low lighting conditions. Their colors are more vivid and more appealing, too.

You don't have to rely on the advertising strategy that is highly technical and expensive. With the help of Nashville-Davidson neon signs, you can get your point across without bothering anyone. You can easily change the advertisements that are being displayed on a daily basis. There is a wide array of designs, colors and textures that you can choose from. So you can definitely create a unique appeal for your business.

To be able to have the best neon signs in Nashville, you need to have someone to design and install them for you. They can be bought from neon signs manufacturer. Or you can ask your local businessman for ideas and tips on how you can decorate your premises. Whatever it is, you can always consult a professional for the job. He will definitely give you helpful suggestions about your options.

If you're a startup business, then there's no need for you to invest in expensive commercial advertising tools. You can simply save up on the money that you can earn through the sale of products or services. This is why it is advisable to start your business with affordable tools. Neon signs are also good investment because they will not run out of energy in just a few days. They are known to last for long hours so you won't have to worry about their lights going out.