Outdoor and Indoor Signs

Neon signs in outdoor and indoor advertising

Do you want your sign to be visible and attract clients? Neon lighting is an effective option for both outdoor and indoor advertising structures. The bright and juicy color of neon lamps can be seen from afar. Their beautiful glow draws the customers like a magnet and creates a sense of relaxation and pleasure around us. That’s why neon signs are so popular in the bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and other leisure venues- they add the necessary atmosphere of festive relaxation.

What’s the benefit of neon signs? How do they work and what types of signs are there? Everything you need to know about neon signs can be found in this article.

Neon signs – why do you need them?

Neon signs are made from neon lamps. In fact, these are colored or transparent glass tubes filled with gas (not simple but noble one, such as neon, argon or their combinations with helium, xenon and krypton). If you connect such a lamp to electricity, the gas will start to glow.

• Durability

Neon lamps last longer than the common ones as they don't have filaments that burn out quickly. Besides, they are resistant to temperatures: they work well in both heat and frost. In addition, if you often turn on/off such a lamp, it will not burn out sooner. An average service life of neon lamps is 10-15 years. Impressive, isn’t it?

• Cost-effectiveness

Neon sign doesn't consume much energy. It is economical compared to fluorescent lamps, but it is still inferior in efficiency to LEDs. In general, this is a great option for an average budget. Besides, we have a very good price for neon signs.

• Diversity

Neon tubes can take any shape and size; you can choose up to 80 shades of colors, make them a part of an advertising composition or a separate sign. The range of options is huge. The only limit is your imagination.

• Light quality

Neon sign ensures saturated and uniform light without spots, breaks and blackouts, while other lighting types, such as LED signs, can create similar problems (but only if the low-quality materials were used in their manufacture, which we don’t allow in the production of our advertising structures).

How do we make neon signs?

Before choosing the custom-made neon signs, it’s important to understand how they’re made. Besides, this is a very interesting process. In general, better to see once than to read ten times. Therefore, you should watch a fascinating video:

Neon sign production is a delicate matter. In addition to the basic information that you saw in the video, we want to share some features of this process.

To make a neon sign work, it should be launched with a high voltage - from 8000 to 12000 volts. Such amount of energy can be provided by the large and volumetric transformers. It is important that the neon tubes are as close to the transformer as possible. Besides, the sign needs less energy for maintaining the glow than for launching, therefore we strongly recommend using transformers with automatic regulation.

At your request, our Company can combine different types of neon lights. We will do everything we can to make your outdoor sign unique.

In general, neon sign is suitable for any place. The main thing is to present it correctly so that it looks appropriate. Our Company will help you with this. We know how to choose the color, font and size of volumetric neon letters correctly and make your business stand out from the crows.

If you want to buy a neon sign but don't know what to depict, it doesn't matter. Our designers are able to bring any of your ideas to life. You just need to use the form, or call our office, where the experts will advise you on all issues.

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Outdoor LED Signs

The use of LED solutions in outdoor welcome signs is a relatively new solution that quickly gained popularity and partially replaced the traditional ways of advertising (for example, billboards).

The popularity of LED outdoor business signs is due to its benefits:

  • high brightness and color saturation of the image even in the daytime;

  • ease of installation;

  • relatively low cost of equipment;

  • durability (the service life of LEDs is up to 100,000 hours of work);

  • low power consumption;

  • low maintenance costs;

  • modularity — the possibility of modification of the display surface.

LED advertising of different types and formats is gradually replacing the static ads. While previously these were just the glowing letters, now these are the huge animated signs and screens displaying bright and colorful videos. You can buy custom outdoor signs on the website of our company. If you need professional advice or help with your order, just call us or fill out the contact form.

Indoor LED Signs

Interior design of the companies is an essential selling point. Advertising plays an important role in this process. Non-illuminated advertising is a cheap and simple option. However, advertising that uses different types of lighting, in particular, neon or LEDs, is much more efficient.

Types of LED interior advertising:

  • thin light panels (lightboxes, electronic boards and programmable led signs indoor) not only match any interior perfectly, but also perform an informational role.

  • lighting of interior elements. You can additionally use LED lighting of the showcase to enhance the effect.

  • lighting elements of exhibition boards with the use of flexible neon or LED lighting sources make an advertising bright and noticeable, and therefore improve its sales efficiency.

If you need a consultation on the choice of custom led signs indoor or want to order the production of a LED sign, just call us or fill out the contact form.

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