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Neon Signs Oakland


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Neon signs can be found everywhere, from the front yard to the side of a building. They are so easy to spot and they catch people's attention. You can find almost any custom neon signs you want in Oakland, CA. There are many neon signs available for sale in Oakland. You can find one that best suits your business.

We've been in business since 1998. That's how long we've been in business, selling and installing LED displays in cities across California. Our inventory includes everything you could possibly need to put new signage in Oakland. Whether it's a new construction sign or a commercial display, we can help you design the most effective advertising solution to your advertising budget. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Many local sign makers have their own shop. However, we do not sell or install signs through them. Instead, we purchase all of our materials from manufacturers and distributors based on the quality and price that best meets your individual needs. Therefore, we can pass on many savings to you the customer.

The neon signs that we carry are designed by some of the most skilled sign artists in the country. Because we do not buy our materials from our local sign company, we can pass the savings that we see on to you, the customer. It is our goal to give you the very best product at the best price possible. So, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your new signage, we encourage you to work with a sign company that manufactures their own equipment. You will see greater cost efficiency, as well as, a more efficient end product.

In addition to buying the neon signs from a sign manufacturer, we also purchase and install electric signs from qualified sign contractors. This means that our sign installers have worked with these sign companies throughout the entire process of designing, building and maintaining the signage. Sign installers typically have electricians and electrical contractors with them during the entire project. This allows for maximum continuity and reliability of the sign, as well as, reduced risk of service interruptions in the future. The result is a seamless, operational facility.

Oakland is full of neon signs. From advertising monument signs to street side advertising, our shop has it all. However, because we are so popular, we often make custom orders for any specific type of sign. This allows us to make custom neon signs that fit the design requirements of our client. Most of our customers request static signage, because they are so versatile, but we also make memorial signs, advertising statutes, advertising monument signs and more.

We also can't forget the lighting department! We install LED lights in over 200 of our signs. This eliminates the requirement for old-style fluorescent bulbs. Instead, we use energy-efficient LED lights, which provide the most visible light from anywhere in the sign. The result is visibility that exceeds industry standards, while at the same time, saving on energy costs and helping the environment.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using Oakland neon signs versus any other signage solution. However, the bottom line is this - if you need to put a sign in front of a customer, whether you are a property management company, a restaurant owner, or a retail store owner, it makes no sense to avoid an affordable, professional sign. You can purchase the lights and install them yourself, or you can have a professional company to do it for you. Whatever the case, Oakland signs are the way to go. Contact an Oakland sign company today to discuss the benefits of using neon signs versus traditional electrical signs.